History of the Society

The Society of Aviation, Navy and Space Medicine was created at July, 15th, 1992 and is a collective member of the Union of the medical societies in Bulgaria.
At this day in the presence of representants of UAMSRI (United Avio-Medical Scientific Research Institute), TMI (Transport Medical Institute), Astronautical Society and Laboratory for repair and support of medical apparel /MMA/ was conducted establishing assembly for establishing the Scientific Society of aviation and space medicine (SSASM).
The Society was established with a purpose to develop and make popular the aviation medicine and to make contact with similar organisations in the country and abroad.

The management of the Society include::

* President - senior assistant professor, col. Dr. D. Dimitrov, MD;
* Vice-president - assistant professor., major Dr. L. Aleksiev;
* Secretary and cashier - Dr. R. Nancheva;
* Dr. Stoynev - member of the management.
* Members of the revision comission: major Dr. Nedkov, Dr. Kyurtov, senior associate professor Dr. Spahieva, DM

In 1994 there was a structural change in the Society - two sections were formed: aviation and navy medicine and new members are acquired.
In 2005 the Society was renamed to "Bulgarian association of aviation, navy and space medicine" (BAANSM).
Since 2007 the Bulgarian association of aviation, navy and space medicine is a member of the European society of aerospace medicine (ESAM). Specialists from the Society take part in ESAM work-groups for establishing unique european standarts of aviomedical expertise.
As a member of the Union of the bulgarian medical societies since 2007 BAANSM is a member of the Union of European Medical Specialists (UEMS).
Since February 2008 the members of BAANSM officially established Bulgarian Society of Aviation, Navy and Space medicine as non-commercial organisation. The registration was made according to the law with all corresponding legal documents.
There are psycologists, working in the domain of aviation psycology as establishers of the Society as well.
The members of the Society work mainly in the Military MEdical Academy or in the Bulgarian Army.
Aviation medicine specialists are 48%, 30% work in the domain of navy medicine, and aviomedical psycologists and paramedics are 22%.
Doctors of medicine are 19% of the members.

Main purposes of the Society are:

* cooperation for scientific reports, researches and information exchange of society's members, aiming increase of the scientific and practical knowledge and experience;
* making contacts with government and non-govenment organisations having impact on the development of the aviation, navy and space medicine and psycology and travel medicine;
* making the aviation, navy and space labour more safe as well as securing the travellers according the contemporary requirements of the travel medicine.

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